Hair Transplant Surgery

The type of hair transplant surgery offered by our clinic is FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION (FUE) .This procedure involves selecting healthy hair follicles from the donor area and transplanting them to the area of hair loss. This is a minimally invasive procedure which doesn’t leave behind any linear scar. If the back of scalp hasn’t got enough follicles, we can harvest follicles from the chest, back and armpits.

Local anaesthesia is used and since there is no linear incision, healing is faster than in FUT (Strip procedure) and patients are usually able to return to work quite soon. Small punches are made in the donor area in order to extract the hair follicles which are then appropriately inserted into the incisions made in the recipient area. We try and make every effort to reduce the out of body time of the hair follicles and often to achieve that, we make the recipient site before harvesting the donor area,

We offer FUE to treat –

  • Hair loss
  • Eyebrow transplant
  • Facial hair transplant (Beard, Moustache, Sideburns)


1Are hair transplant results permanent?
Yes, the transplanted hairs usually stay for life.
2How long does the surgery take?
It depends on the number of grafts transplanted. You will be advised about the duration of surgery once the number of grafts needed is assessed.
3Will my head look full of hair like before?
It’s usually not possible to achieve the same hair density you had before you started losing hair. It depends on a lot of factors like size and density of donor area, the area affected by baldness etc.
4Is there any aftercare advice?
You will be given an advice sheet before and after surgery to take you through the whole process. You will be advised about how to care for the grafts, how to wash the hair and how to sleep. If not properly looked after, the grafts can fall off and the results won’t be as promising.
5How soon will I see hair growth after the transplant?
The transplanted grafts tend to fall off in a few weeks, but after this initial period of shedding they grow back. Every patient is unique and regrowth can be seen on an average between 4 to10 months.
6How much will the hair transplant cost?
This is a very difficult question to answer without seeing and assessing the patient. The cost will depend on a lot of factors like the degree of hair loss, the amount of hair grafts needed, the donor area(whether from back of scalp, beard area or body hair), the area to be transplanted (scalp, eyebrows or facial hair transplants) etc. The price can be quoted only after you have had a consultation with us but as a general guide prices would start from around £3.00-£3.50 per graft