August 30, 2017

Everything you need to know about PlexR®

Have you seen the videos about the hottest cosmetic surgery trend in town – PlexR®? Are you wondering what it’s so popular? Here’s everything you need […]
August 25, 2017
beard transplant

Read this before you get a bread transplant!

Admit it! You’ve been considering a beard transplant. You’ve seen Instagram posts about it and you’re close to making the final step. You’ve googled hair restoration […]
August 17, 2017
chemical peels

3 Types of Chemical Peels You Need to Know About

Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles, skin discolouration, and acne scars. But what are they really? “A chemical peel is a skin-resurfacing procedure in which […]
June 2, 2017
Hair Loss Medication

Dr. Sahu discusses how hair loss medication works

Dr. Pragyan Sahu, hair restoration surgeon, explains how hair loss medication (Finasteride/Propecia and Minoxidil) works to treat male pattern alopecia or androgenic alopecia. She answers some of […]